Important KiwiSDR security information
KiwiSDR Operating Information
last updated 31 Match 2023

Update: KiwiSDRs that remain unpatched will no longer be listed on

It is extraordinarily important that you verify your Kiwi has updated to
software version
(or later) released on 15 July 2021 to fix a security vulnerability.

From a user connection look on the "stats" tab of the main control panel. You will find the text "v1.NNN" where NNN should equal 461 (or greater) if the Kiwi has updated. For the original "genuine" KiwiSDR an auto-update to v1.461 should occur between 2-6 AM local time if there are no active user connections (WSPR autorun and kiwiclient connections excluded). To update, the Kiwi must be on a network that has Internet access and also able to reach the site. On the admin page "control" tab click the restart button to force an immediate update.

If your Kiwi is stuck on a much earlier version and refuses to auto-update, or refuses to manually update using controls on the admin page "update" tab, you have several choices: